Issue #2

Editor’s Note

Issue #2 is available in stores now

coverissue2Many amazing people in Vancouver are working on extraordinary projects to promote and make social change happen; and things are getting better. It is a very good thing that not everyone hunkers down in their sweet, charming bunkers. Throughout this issue of rain, we have tried to highlight some of these fine folk and their good work, particularly in the “raindrop reviews.”

Rain #2 also has a sweet and sultry surprise as we attempt to push, well, maybe nudge the envelope a little. In the back of the zine you will find a little sealed package with tasty, romantic erotica from East Van’s own C.R. Avery. So, if you are faint-of-heart, please leave it sealed; and if not, we know you’ll enjoy his darling love letters.

For more information about Rain, and where to buy, please visit our handy info section.

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