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c.r. avery: “Coroner’s Office and Figure Eights” rain content #4

February 17, 2010

My sister was a figure skater
i grew up in rinks
i know their smell well
combination of compressed ice and popcorn
i used to stand on a chair and draw at the counter of the little rink canteen
i could choose one law bidding sweet treat
a croatian chocolate bar
bag of lick your lips salty chips
or crackerjacks with the treasure map inside
and so on and so forth
i’d peek over the counter
talking with the nice lady who sold the candy bars and hot dogs
spending hours deciding what my choice that day would be
while i drew

for the full poem go here: cravery

Content from issue # 4 – The Resistance Issue!

January 24, 2010

“If they can take away your right to say ‘fuck’, next is your right to say ‘fuck the government’” By Matt Hern

There is every reason to resist the Olympics in every way possible, and we should most certainly be making these jackasses unwelcome. But I’ll submit to you that the Olympics aren’t the problem. They’re just another symptom.

The real issue is that the Olympics are just one more spectacular expression of the neo-liberal remaking of our political and social landscapes. The five-ring circus is a blunt force for transforming cities, going end-around on civic democracy and transforming public space into hyper-securitized surveillance zones. The Games themselves are just another piece in a larger effort that is inserting Vancouver into the global economy in a very specific way. It’s another rendition of Naomi Klein’s disaster capitalism: circus capitalism.

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“If they can take away your right to say ’fuck’, next is your right to say ‘fuck the government’” by Matt Hern

image by Meghan Corsie

The Resistance Issue! Number 4

January 24, 2010

the resistance issue

resistance issue

O... You Suck