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Friends of RAIN at the 2009 Folk Fest

July 31, 2009
Folk Festival (2009)

It was 30 degrees outside. Everyone was wearing tie dye. It was the 32nd Annual Folk Festival. (I’m still wondering if the ubiquitous tie dye was some sort of ironic self-deprecating statement or if hippie revival chic is back full tilt)

Geoff Berner at the 2009 Folk Fest

Geoff Berner’s set was sarcastic, energetic and totally awesome to behold. His music screams originality. Klezmer with a punk mentality and an accordion, what a combo!

Mark Berube at 2009 Folk Fest

Mark Berube at 2009 Folk Fest

Mark Berube (playing with the Patriotic Few and others) performed with his signature intensity. The audience was completely absorbed by his music and so was he. It’s reaffirming to be so close to such awe-inspiring talent. Although Mark recently moved off to Montreal, he developed a strong and dedicated Vancouver base while living and performing here.

Dan Mangan at 2009 Folk Fest
Dan Mangan at 2009 Folk Fest

Dan Mangan’s inspiring performance on the Folk Fest’s Stage Five in the blaring heat made even the birds in the trees sit and listen. His emotion-filled voice echoed through the rapt audience.

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Iron and Wine at the 2009 Folk Fest

Iron and Wine at the 2009 Folk Fest

Although not technically a friend of rain, Iron and Wine (who happens to be just one man named Samuel Beam) played a wonderful set. He was introduced as the man who had to record all his songs in a whisper, so as to not wake his children, and he maintained that sensibility throughout the show. His songs are gentle and warm, non-abrasive and comfortable, just the way a whispered song should be.

Friends of RAIN at the Folk Fest!

July 13, 2009

Hey all!

It’s that time of year again, The 32nd annual Vancouver Folk Fest is just around the corner (the corner being July 17-19, 2009). If you haven’t already gotten your tickets, you should be ashamed of yourself. The Fest this year is teeming with talent, Geoff Berner, Mark Berube and the Patriotic Few, Dan Mangan, and Iron and Wine are playing, and that’s just a drop in the bucket of names for this year’s lineup.

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Come on out and support the Folk Festing, can’t wait to see you there.