Send In Your Work

Deadline for Issue #5 is November 10th, 2011. Don’t be late!

Calling all artists, writers, and zine enthusiasts!

Some of the themes of this issue are: creating counter-institutions, radical social change, decolonization and deschooling!

be part of this issue! here’s how:

1. send us something: an essay, poem, interview, art, etc., that is about the themes above

2. make it with us! join us with the layout, editing and design (do let me know soon if you do want to do this)

3. Please send us your stuff by November 10th

Want to be a part of RAIN? Look no further than this very website!

First, read rain so you know what we are all about! In short, we like offbeat, critical discussions, rants, counter-culture, independent, emerging writers (first time writers). We are keen about Vancouver living;  ideas and dialogue about how to make it a better city. Global perspectives are also welcomed.


Writers of any age, novice or seasoned, local or global.  We are looking for essays, poetry, fiction and off-beat compositions. Word counts are:

  • Essays (1000-2500 words)
  • Reviews (300-500 words)
  • Rants (500-1200)
  • Fiction (50-1000 words)
  • Rainstorms* (5-1500 words)
  • Raindrop Reviews** (5-200 words)

*rainstorm is a stand-alone piece, and/or about vancouver; a zinester’s palette.
**raindrop reviews are for you to put words to your actions and what you love.

We do edit for clarity!


Illustration, graphic art, graffiti, photography, painting, drawing…we love artwork! And we want to showcase your work in the next issue of RAIN!


DO send original photography, pictures, comics, graffiti etc.
DO send in jpg, png, tga or tiff format at 170 or 300 ppi (pixels per inch).
DON’T send us your work in its original form. Either email it, or you can mail it to us on a cd/dvd.


We love graffiti, and would love you to send us your own, or some of your favourite graffiti from around town.
We might just put it in the next issue!

by anonymous

by anonymous

Send all your stuff and inquiries to:

Words: ATTN: Carla

Art: ATTN:  Mike Jo

We want contributions from all ages!

*we won’t be returning your work to you*

For now we can’t pay, but one day we hope to!


3 Responses to “Send In Your Work”

  1. Candice Larschied Says:

    Hi Carla,
    I heard about your magazine Rain from Lisa Prentice, and I’m a poet and also a activist for social awareness. I write poetry about higher consciousness deepening the awareness in the physical realm of reality. We’ve been asleep for a really long time, it’s time to wake up. We’re all one, this notion of separation is non existant its just a way to get a way from the rawness of being real. That is what I tap into when I write.
    I am also writing from the unique perspective of challenging the system of assisted living while living in that system as person labelled by that system. I fight to overcome the labels and limitations of the system(Community Living BC/Long term Care).
    If you know any organizations that do not label in this method, pass it on!
    Have a gracious day,

  2. Terrance SIm Says:

    This Moment in Time

    Stale, soul severed…
    A lost heart absconded from the one who abused it.
    Confidant that this affliction is tangible while searching,
    Seeking out the indubitable emotional contact within.

    Sullenly opting to embrace the axiom of a universal moral code,
    While adopting it to be the lodestar of existence.
    Sickly thoughts of self destruction undulating over consciousness;
    Almost overpowered, turn and walk away.

    Taken on a journey through emotional barbwire;
    Left on the bottom with no way to go but up and out.
    The depression causing an implosion,
    Of self imposed seclusion.

    The storm has almost abated.
    Thunder crashes in the distance.
    Electrical charge in the air.
    The smell of a world afresh after the tempest.

    Sunbeams lazily pierce the cloud cover.
    To bathe the world in its healing light.
    I stand in the rain and a sunbeam,
    And make my choice.

    Terrance A Sim

  3. artsandcraftscollective Says:

    Sweet! I just put a link to your blog on my blog and subscribed cuze this is rad!

    I am moving to vancouver in july to take art classes and learn more about community arts … maybe see you around …

    if you want, check out my blog:

    thanks ..

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