Rain Hitting the Streets!

January 7, 2010 by

RAIN#4: The Resistance Issue

Wednesday, January 20th 7 PM

$10 dollars at the door BUT you get a FREE issue of RAIN with ticket (and this issue has a DVD in it!!)

W2 Culture + Media House
112 West Hastings Street
(across the street from Woodward’s)

Speaker: David Eby
Spoken Word: Aly!
Special Musical Guests: Adrian Glynn and c.r. avery

plus much much more!

Please Spread THE WORD!

*we won’t turn anyone away for lack of funds*

RAIN #4, the Resistance Issue, Contributors:
Am Johal, Matt Hern, Harsha Walia, Irwin Oostindie, David Eby, Richard Smith, Peter Prontzos, Dave Olson, Ben West, Leia Herrera, Sylvia McFadden, Maura Doherty, Zach Bergman, Reel Youth, The Purple Thistle’s Youngunz, Aly D, Emma Wallace, Indigo, Kris Krug, Tara Robertson, Miriam Tratt, Meghan Corsie, Nicola Hodges, Daisy Couture, Karen New, Julie Flett, Eva Dominelli, c.r. avery, Adrian Glynn, Julia Kozlov, Nikol Haskova, Fiona Balazsi, Siren, Anita Olson, Carla Bergman, Wibke Kreft, Patrick Thrift…and more!

Content includes:

  • An interview with Fish & Bird
  • A DVD full of awesome films!
  • Travel writings by Adrian Glynn
  • Olympics stuff, lots. Resistance baby, lots
  • Art, photography
  • Raindrops reviews telling you about some of the amazing work people are doing in their communities. You can read up about the Cultch Youth Panel IGNITE!, Freewrite, the B:C:Clettes, Car-Free Days, No One is Illegal, Teach 2010 Resistance, etc…
  • and just a whole lot more

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Rain’zine at the EastSide Culture Crawl

November 18, 2009 by

making analog love

Come check out our fundraising swag at the Crawl! We’re raising money to help print issue #4. Visit us at the Purple Thistle Centre in the green Mergatroid Building at Vernon and Parker. We’ve got buttons, bags, books and more. (but we’re just about out of zines).

Purple Thistle Community at the Crawl

Feature Essay from Issue#3

September 22, 2009 by

Are We Dense, Or The End of Lawns as We Know Them  (pdf of full article)

By Matt Hern

“If Vancouver is to make good on any of its ‘green’ pretensions and ambitions we have to start thinking and acting like a real city. It’s time to dispense with the faux naivite, pastoralist cliches, and paranoia about urban life. It’s time to get dense.”

“…but you can’t manufacture vitality or it has all the heart of a laugh track: density has to come incremnetally, and the process has to be driven by citizens and communities.”


"Crosswalk" by Jeremy Crowle

"Crosswalk" by Jeremy Crowle

Issue #4 Submission Deadline — Oct 1st

September 12, 2009 by

Got something to say about Vancouver living? Do you care about activism, art, music, and your community? Tell us about it! Write something, draw something, photograph something, wax poetic about something, then submit something. 


Check out our submissions page for more info

Rain’zine’s interview with Dan Mangan (Issue #3)

August 30, 2009 by

When Dan Mangan performs he gently takes over the room. Voices hush and all attention is drawn to him. His music resonates out of his whole body, starting from his toes. His songs evoke introspection: leaving you sipping tea and looking out whatever window is nearest. His words are tinged with a universal melancholy. His music is a direct link to the heart, his lyrics a direct link to the mind. Listening to Dan is a whole body experience.

Dan Mangan is a Vancouver singer-songwriter and he has just released his second album, “Nice, Nice, Very Nice”, with two sold out shows at the newly renovated Cultch.

Link to the PDF of RAIN’s spring interview with Dan.

Dan ManganDan Mangan at 2009 Folk Fest.

2009 Pride Parade

August 10, 2009 by

Amongst the glitter, glamour and gold, I sat throughout the crowd watching the fabulous floats at this year’s Pride Parade, which was once again outstanding, and (way too much) fun! Some of the highlights were the Vision Vancouver float – the first time an entire city council has been on a float together. The clever use of “city streets signs” replaced with words such as “PRIDE” and “SAY NO 2 H8”, made the Vision float one of my favourites. Cleve Jones was one of the Grand Marshals this year, which was really inspiring to see him in the flesh! Cleve Jones was a good friend of Harvey Milk, and has been a key player in keeping Milk’s memory alive, and continues to spread the message of liberation against oppression. It was so nice to see the whole city come together to celebrate being proud of loving whoever the hell you want! Educate, liberate, celebrate! –David Ng





Friends of RAIN at the 2009 Folk Fest

July 31, 2009 by
Folk Festival (2009)

It was 30 degrees outside. Everyone was wearing tie dye. It was the 32nd Annual Folk Festival. (I’m still wondering if the ubiquitous tie dye was some sort of ironic self-deprecating statement or if hippie revival chic is back full tilt)

Geoff Berner at the 2009 Folk Fest

Geoff Berner’s set was sarcastic, energetic and totally awesome to behold. His music screams originality. Klezmer with a punk mentality and an accordion, what a combo!

Mark Berube at 2009 Folk Fest

Mark Berube at 2009 Folk Fest

Mark Berube (playing with the Patriotic Few and others) performed with his signature intensity. The audience was completely absorbed by his music and so was he. It’s reaffirming to be so close to such awe-inspiring talent. Although Mark recently moved off to Montreal, he developed a strong and dedicated Vancouver base while living and performing here.

Dan Mangan at 2009 Folk Fest
Dan Mangan at 2009 Folk Fest

Dan Mangan’s inspiring performance on the Folk Fest’s Stage Five in the blaring heat made even the birds in the trees sit and listen. His emotion-filled voice echoed through the rapt audience.

Check out the full photo set

Iron and Wine at the 2009 Folk Fest

Iron and Wine at the 2009 Folk Fest

Although not technically a friend of rain, Iron and Wine (who happens to be just one man named Samuel Beam) played a wonderful set. He was introduced as the man who had to record all his songs in a whisper, so as to not wake his children, and he maintained that sensibility throughout the show. His songs are gentle and warm, non-abrasive and comfortable, just the way a whispered song should be.

Friends of RAIN at the Folk Fest!

July 13, 2009 by

Hey all!

It’s that time of year again, The 32nd annual Vancouver Folk Fest is just around the corner (the corner being July 17-19, 2009). If you haven’t already gotten your tickets, you should be ashamed of yourself. The Fest this year is teeming with talent, Geoff Berner, Mark Berube and the Patriotic Few, Dan Mangan, and Iron and Wine are playing, and that’s just a drop in the bucket of names for this year’s lineup.

Check out the list at 2009 Vancouver Folk Music Festival

Come on out and support the Folk Festing, can’t wait to see you there.

What is rain?

June 22, 2009 by

Rain’zine is eclectic — there is a little something in it for everyone: our youth, our elders, the artist, the musician, the poet, the edgy hipster, the old lefty, the anarchist, the deschooler, the freak and the geek (to name just a few). Ultimately, rain’zine is meant to engage all of our parts: our guts, our hearts and our minds. Rain is more than a zine and a collective, it’s an ongoing, ever evolving collaborative community-building art project, and at its core is all of Carla’s passion–her guts, her heart and her mind. Thank you Carla.

love, Dana.

Issue #3 In Stores Now

June 11, 2009 by
Issue #3 Cover Art by Jeremy Crowle

Issue #3 Cover Art by Jeremy Crowle

Pick up your copy at People’s Co-op Bookstore, Spartacus, HighLife Records, Lucky’s Comics, RedCat Records, and Solder & Sons (247 Main St.)  $8.00…or email your request to rainzine@gmail.com.

Click here to see a little bit more of what’s inside.