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RAIN Issue #3 Cover Art by Jeremy Crowle

RAIN Issue #3 Cover Art by Jeremy Crowle

The Rain, by C.J. Leon

Of the coastal life it is said

that one learns to accustom oneself

to the constant water, on land, in sea, and in air;

and if one fails to do so,

one is likely to drown standing up

Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

HIGHLIGHTS for Issue #3

  • Out of the Clouds, compilation CD with: Dan Mangan, Beth Southwell, Fish & Bird, Jeff Berner, Jess Hill, Brendan McLeod, Mark Berube, C.R. Avery, Corbin Murdoch and the Nautical Miles, Ben Kelly Experience, Bex, and Maria in the Shower.
  • A Beard so Red, a story about rain and trees and wind and life. written by Tasnim Nathoo and illustrated by Julie Flett.
  • Photo Essay by Gavin Schaefer
  • Essays by Matt Hern, Gabor Mate, Rebecca Apostoli, Peter Prontzos, Dave Thorvald Olson, Dorian Taylor
  • and absolutely a ton more stuff!

Correction notice for a typographical error:
Please note this correction to the piece called “Community” in Issue #3, page 44. The second sentence in the fourth paragraph should read (as it was originally written): “Some people there were for drugs, others weren’t.”  The copy editor sincerely regrets any confusion the unintentional reversal of the words “there” and “were” in that sentence may have caused readers.
Yours truly, Dana Putnam.

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