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c.r. avery: “Coroner’s Office and Figure Eights” rain content #4

February 17, 2010

My sister was a figure skater
i grew up in rinks
i know their smell well
combination of compressed ice and popcorn
i used to stand on a chair and draw at the counter of the little rink canteen
i could choose one law bidding sweet treat
a croatian chocolate bar
bag of lick your lips salty chips
or crackerjacks with the treasure map inside
and so on and so forth
i’d peek over the counter
talking with the nice lady who sold the candy bars and hot dogs
spending hours deciding what my choice that day would be
while i drew

for the full poem go here: cravery

Time for a change…

February 3, 2010

dear RAIN‘zine folks,

It saddens me to announce that we will no longer be publishing the analog zine, Rain. Anita and I feel like we have completed what we set out to do and that it’s time to move on to other projects.  We’ve had a great time making rain‘zine and would like to give a big thanks to all the folks who have helped in putting it together!  Indeed,  we could not have done it without their passion, ideas and love (check out rainy day people on here to read more about these talented folks).  Also, it was especially great because we got to meet so many amazing people!

The mandate for rain was to build community,  get people engaged in dialogue about social change in their ‘hoods, AND to be all ages!  Due to the magnificent community that joined in with rain, as contributors, readers, and makers, we feel like we have accomplished that mandate and we thank everyone who took part in making our dream a reality!

We plan to keep the webpage going, and will have guest bloggers now and again and write about our newest project: Radical Art In Nature: Guerrilla Arting that will run out of the Purple Thistle Centre!

So, please check us out from time to time!  And one day there just might be an issue number five 🙂

For now, it’s time to be on the streets with our communities making art and culture.  Email us to find out more about this new exciting project.

Carla and Anita

Image by Anita Olson

More content: “A Closer Look at Canada’s Unsustainable Pacific Gateway Strategy.” by Ben West

January 29, 2010

I work at Canada’s largest membership-based wilderness preservation organization, The Wilderness Committee. Sometimes people are confused about why we are trying to stop the expansion of Metro Vancouver’s Port Mann Bridge, which is part of the federal and provincial “Gateway Project”. Historically The Wilderness Committee has taken people into remote parts of our beautiful country to protect ancient forests and endangered species.

for full PDF go here:A Closer Look at Canada’s Unsustainable Pacific Gateway Strategy

Content from issue # 4 – The Resistance Issue!

January 24, 2010

“If they can take away your right to say ‘fuck’, next is your right to say ‘fuck the government’” By Matt Hern

There is every reason to resist the Olympics in every way possible, and we should most certainly be making these jackasses unwelcome. But I’ll submit to you that the Olympics aren’t the problem. They’re just another symptom.

The real issue is that the Olympics are just one more spectacular expression of the neo-liberal remaking of our political and social landscapes. The five-ring circus is a blunt force for transforming cities, going end-around on civic democracy and transforming public space into hyper-securitized surveillance zones. The Games themselves are just another piece in a larger effort that is inserting Vancouver into the global economy in a very specific way. It’s another rendition of Naomi Klein’s disaster capitalism: circus capitalism.

For FULL PDF go here:

“If they can take away your right to say ’fuck’, next is your right to say ‘fuck the government’” by Matt Hern

image by Meghan Corsie

Canadian Rights at Risk

June 12, 2008

Minister of Industry, Jim Prentice, is introducing a bill today on Canadian copyright legislation. This bill exercises harsh restrictions on downloading media, unlocking cellphones, time-shifting television shows, and copying music. It also invades the basic rights of Canadians by allowing private and corporate companies to attain private individual information from Internet Service Providers, and other services that can or have obtained information from their customers.

To read about this bill, click here, and here.

A similar Copyright Reform bill was attempted by Prentice in December of 2007, but he was forced to retreat from introducing the bill due to overwhelming opposition by the Canadian people. Jim Prentice has decided to ignore the Canadian Public today, and instead has caved into pressure from the U.S. to pass this bill, which is being nicknamed “The Canadian DMCA”. As we all know, the American Digital Millennium Copyright Act is a failed legislation, and violates human rights. Why should we Canadians follow in its footsteps?

Jim Prentice might ignore us, but the rest of our Government can not.

What can we do to demand a Fair Copyright policy in Canada?

Michael Geist, a leader in defending Canadians against the Canadian DMCA has a list of 30 things you can do.

Visit to find out more about this bill, your rights as a Canadian, and what you can do to help.

Join the Facebook Group that helped stop Prentice from passing the bill in December, 2007.

Use this automated, pre-written letter to send an email to Jim Prentice, Minister of Industry; Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada; and Josée Verner, Minister of Canadian Heritage