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Time for a change…

February 3, 2010

dear RAIN‘zine folks,

It saddens me to announce that we will no longer be publishing the analog zine, Rain. Anita and I feel like we have completed what we set out to do and that it’s time to move on to other projects.  We’ve had a great time making rain‘zine and would like to give a big thanks to all the folks who have helped in putting it together!  Indeed,  we could not have done it without their passion, ideas and love (check out rainy day people on here to read more about these talented folks).  Also, it was especially great because we got to meet so many amazing people!

The mandate for rain was to build community,  get people engaged in dialogue about social change in their ‘hoods, AND to be all ages!  Due to the magnificent community that joined in with rain, as contributors, readers, and makers, we feel like we have accomplished that mandate and we thank everyone who took part in making our dream a reality!

We plan to keep the webpage going, and will have guest bloggers now and again and write about our newest project: Radical Art In Nature: Guerrilla Arting that will run out of the Purple Thistle Centre!

So, please check us out from time to time!  And one day there just might be an issue number five 🙂

For now, it’s time to be on the streets with our communities making art and culture.  Email us to find out more about this new exciting project.

Carla and Anita

Image by Anita Olson

2009 Pride Parade

August 10, 2009

Amongst the glitter, glamour and gold, I sat throughout the crowd watching the fabulous floats at this year’s Pride Parade, which was once again outstanding, and (way too much) fun! Some of the highlights were the Vision Vancouver float – the first time an entire city council has been on a float together. The clever use of “city streets signs” replaced with words such as “PRIDE” and “SAY NO 2 H8”, made the Vision float one of my favourites. Cleve Jones was one of the Grand Marshals this year, which was really inspiring to see him in the flesh! Cleve Jones was a good friend of Harvey Milk, and has been a key player in keeping Milk’s memory alive, and continues to spread the message of liberation against oppression. It was so nice to see the whole city come together to celebrate being proud of loving whoever the hell you want! Educate, liberate, celebrate! –David Ng





Friends of RAIN at the 2009 Folk Fest

July 31, 2009
Folk Festival (2009)

It was 30 degrees outside. Everyone was wearing tie dye. It was the 32nd Annual Folk Festival. (I’m still wondering if the ubiquitous tie dye was some sort of ironic self-deprecating statement or if hippie revival chic is back full tilt)

Geoff Berner at the 2009 Folk Fest

Geoff Berner’s set was sarcastic, energetic and totally awesome to behold. His music screams originality. Klezmer with a punk mentality and an accordion, what a combo!

Mark Berube at 2009 Folk Fest

Mark Berube at 2009 Folk Fest

Mark Berube (playing with the Patriotic Few and others) performed with his signature intensity. The audience was completely absorbed by his music and so was he. It’s reaffirming to be so close to such awe-inspiring talent. Although Mark recently moved off to Montreal, he developed a strong and dedicated Vancouver base while living and performing here.

Dan Mangan at 2009 Folk Fest
Dan Mangan at 2009 Folk Fest

Dan Mangan’s inspiring performance on the Folk Fest’s Stage Five in the blaring heat made even the birds in the trees sit and listen. His emotion-filled voice echoed through the rapt audience.

Check out the full photo set

Iron and Wine at the 2009 Folk Fest

Iron and Wine at the 2009 Folk Fest

Although not technically a friend of rain, Iron and Wine (who happens to be just one man named Samuel Beam) played a wonderful set. He was introduced as the man who had to record all his songs in a whisper, so as to not wake his children, and he maintained that sensibility throughout the show. His songs are gentle and warm, non-abrasive and comfortable, just the way a whispered song should be.