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c.r. avery: “Coroner’s Office and Figure Eights” rain content #4

February 17, 2010

My sister was a figure skater
i grew up in rinks
i know their smell well
combination of compressed ice and popcorn
i used to stand on a chair and draw at the counter of the little rink canteen
i could choose one law bidding sweet treat
a croatian chocolate bar
bag of lick your lips salty chips
or crackerjacks with the treasure map inside
and so on and so forth
i’d peek over the counter
talking with the nice lady who sold the candy bars and hot dogs
spending hours deciding what my choice that day would be
while i drew

for the full poem go here: cravery

More content: “A Closer Look at Canada’s Unsustainable Pacific Gateway Strategy.” by Ben West

January 29, 2010

I work at Canada’s largest membership-based wilderness preservation organization, The Wilderness Committee. Sometimes people are confused about why we are trying to stop the expansion of Metro Vancouver’s Port Mann Bridge, which is part of the federal and provincial “Gateway Project”. Historically The Wilderness Committee has taken people into remote parts of our beautiful country to protect ancient forests and endangered species.

for full PDF go here:A Closer Look at Canada’s Unsustainable Pacific Gateway Strategy

Content from issue # 4 – The Resistance Issue!

January 24, 2010

“If they can take away your right to say ‘fuck’, next is your right to say ‘fuck the government’” By Matt Hern

There is every reason to resist the Olympics in every way possible, and we should most certainly be making these jackasses unwelcome. But I’ll submit to you that the Olympics aren’t the problem. They’re just another symptom.

The real issue is that the Olympics are just one more spectacular expression of the neo-liberal remaking of our political and social landscapes. The five-ring circus is a blunt force for transforming cities, going end-around on civic democracy and transforming public space into hyper-securitized surveillance zones. The Games themselves are just another piece in a larger effort that is inserting Vancouver into the global economy in a very specific way. It’s another rendition of Naomi Klein’s disaster capitalism: circus capitalism.

For FULL PDF go here:

“If they can take away your right to say ’fuck’, next is your right to say ‘fuck the government’” by Matt Hern

image by Meghan Corsie

The Resistance Issue! Number 4

January 24, 2010

the resistance issue

resistance issue

O... You Suck

Rain Hitting the Streets!

January 7, 2010

RAIN#4: The Resistance Issue

Wednesday, January 20th 7 PM

$10 dollars at the door BUT you get a FREE issue of RAIN with ticket (and this issue has a DVD in it!!)

W2 Culture + Media House
112 West Hastings Street
(across the street from Woodward’s)

Speaker: David Eby
Spoken Word: Aly!
Special Musical Guests: Adrian Glynn and c.r. avery

plus much much more!

Please Spread THE WORD!

*we won’t turn anyone away for lack of funds*

RAIN #4, the Resistance Issue, Contributors:
Am Johal, Matt Hern, Harsha Walia, Irwin Oostindie, David Eby, Richard Smith, Peter Prontzos, Dave Olson, Ben West, Leia Herrera, Sylvia McFadden, Maura Doherty, Zach Bergman, Reel Youth, The Purple Thistle’s Youngunz, Aly D, Emma Wallace, Indigo, Kris Krug, Tara Robertson, Miriam Tratt, Meghan Corsie, Nicola Hodges, Daisy Couture, Karen New, Julie Flett, Eva Dominelli, c.r. avery, Adrian Glynn, Julia Kozlov, Nikol Haskova, Fiona Balazsi, Siren, Anita Olson, Carla Bergman, Wibke Kreft, Patrick Thrift…and more!

Content includes:

  • An interview with Fish & Bird
  • A DVD full of awesome films!
  • Travel writings by Adrian Glynn
  • Olympics stuff, lots. Resistance baby, lots
  • Art, photography
  • Raindrops reviews telling you about some of the amazing work people are doing in their communities. You can read up about the Cultch Youth Panel IGNITE!, Freewrite, the B:C:Clettes, Car-Free Days, No One is Illegal, Teach 2010 Resistance, etc…
  • and just a whole lot more

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Rain’zine at the EastSide Culture Crawl

November 18, 2009

making analog love

Come check out our fundraising swag at the Crawl! We’re raising money to help print issue #4. Visit us at the Purple Thistle Centre in the green Mergatroid Building at Vernon and Parker. We’ve got buttons, bags, books and more. (but we’re just about out of zines).

Purple Thistle Community at the Crawl

Feature Essay from Issue#3

September 22, 2009

Are We Dense, Or The End of Lawns as We Know Them  (pdf of full article)

By Matt Hern

“If Vancouver is to make good on any of its ‘green’ pretensions and ambitions we have to start thinking and acting like a real city. It’s time to dispense with the faux naivite, pastoralist cliches, and paranoia about urban life. It’s time to get dense.”

“…but you can’t manufacture vitality or it has all the heart of a laugh track: density has to come incremnetally, and the process has to be driven by citizens and communities.”


"Crosswalk" by Jeremy Crowle

"Crosswalk" by Jeremy Crowle

Issue #4 Submission Deadline — Oct 1st

September 12, 2009

Got something to say about Vancouver living? Do you care about activism, art, music, and your community? Tell us about it! Write something, draw something, photograph something, wax poetic about something, then submit something. 

Check out our submissions page for more info

Rain’zine’s interview with Dan Mangan (Issue #3)

August 30, 2009

When Dan Mangan performs he gently takes over the room. Voices hush and all attention is drawn to him. His music resonates out of his whole body, starting from his toes. His songs evoke introspection: leaving you sipping tea and looking out whatever window is nearest. His words are tinged with a universal melancholy. His music is a direct link to the heart, his lyrics a direct link to the mind. Listening to Dan is a whole body experience.

Dan Mangan is a Vancouver singer-songwriter and he has just released his second album, “Nice, Nice, Very Nice”, with two sold out shows at the newly renovated Cultch.

Link to the PDF of RAIN’s spring interview with Dan.

Dan ManganDan Mangan at 2009 Folk Fest.

Issue #3 In Stores Now

June 11, 2009
Issue #3 Cover Art by Jeremy Crowle

Issue #3 Cover Art by Jeremy Crowle

Pick up your copy at People’s Co-op Bookstore, Spartacus, HighLife Records, Lucky’s Comics, RedCat Records, and Solder & Sons (247 Main St.)  $8.00…or email your request to

Click here to see a little bit more of what’s inside.