About RAIN

What is RAIN?

Rain is an independent anthology zine, a radical art project and we do a whole lot more!  We run out of the Purple Thistle Centre and are run by a group of local Vancouver activists who enjoy life, love, and Vancouver rain. Since the rain in Vancouver tends to get people a little down, we thought we’d make a zine to show why we like the rain! We care about our community, and our zine is our way of opening a dialogue about living, learning, and creativity in Vancouver – things to help us get by on a rainy day. We support taking steps towards action, building our community and making change happen.

Contact us!

Want to send us your work ?

Rain is dedicated to offbeat and alternative styles. Our content contains critical discussions, rants, and counter-culture, from independent emerging artists/writers, well seasoned professionals and everything in between. Interested in contributing? Visit our Send page for more info!

Where to buy RAIN:

Langara Bookstore
100 West 49th Avenue, Vancouver, BC

3972 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

The People’s Co-op Bookstore
1391 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC

Red Cat Records
4307 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

Solder & Sons — 247 Main Street, Vancouver, BC (604-315-7198.)

Spartacus Books
684 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC

City Lights Books
261 Columbus Avenue at Broadway (North Beach), San Francisco, California

Or email us at: rainzine@gmail.com

We also welcome donations! If you are interested in making a donation, please email us.

a little bit more about rain

3 Responses to “About RAIN”

  1. Strange Places » the crows: quiet as shadows Says:

    […] I have felt the need for the unproductive productive time. The time where we re/juvenate, re/charge, re/claim silences, and spaces that nurture us. So that is what I am doing today: inbetween the raindrops and the kids’ calls. I am also trying to get one submission out a week, if I can manage. I have not done too well lately, but knowing I should be doing one a week keeps the pressure on. That way I may end up with two or three a month. A couple of places I ran into this weekend and wold like to share with you. The Raven Chronicles: A journal of art literature and the spoken word and Full of Crow. The Raven Chronicles does themed issues. Full of Crow/Poetry does not need to be about crows. I did send them something with crows, since I am minding my crows these days. With a name like that how can I resist the temptation? And then there is R.A.I.N. […]

  2. Marsha Edwards Says:

    Hey, This is a great string. I found you on bing. Keep up the work.

  3. Purple Thistle Centre » RAIN ZINE - NEW MEETING TIME! Says:

    […] The RAIN crew is meeting THIS THURSDAY at 430 to talk about future plans and planning issue number 5! all welcome.  to find out more about RAIN, see https://rainzine.wordpress.com/about_rain/ […]

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