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October 31, 2011

Deadline for Issue #5 is November 10th, 2011. Don’t be late!

Calling all artists, writers, and zine enthusiasts!

Some of the themes of this issue are: creating counter-institutions, radical social change, decolonization and deschooling!

be part of this issue! here’s how:

1. send us something: an essay, poem, interview, art, etc., that is about the themes above or something you think would be awesome for RAIN!

2. make it with us! join us with the layout, editing and design (do let me know soon if you do want to do this)

3. Please send us your stuff by November 10th

radical social change

Want to be a part of RAIN? Look no further than this very website!

First, read rain so you know what we are all about! In short, we like offbeat, critical discussions, rants, counter-culture, independent, emerging writers (first time writers). We are keen about Vancouver living;  ideas and dialogue about how to make it a better city. Global perspectives are also welcomed.

See Here for further information