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Rain’zine’s interview with Dan Mangan (Issue #3)

August 30, 2009

When Dan Mangan performs he gently takes over the room. Voices hush and all attention is drawn to him. His music resonates out of his whole body, starting from his toes. His songs evoke introspection: leaving you sipping tea and looking out whatever window is nearest. His words are tinged with a universal melancholy. His music is a direct link to the heart, his lyrics a direct link to the mind. Listening to Dan is a whole body experience.

Dan Mangan is a Vancouver singer-songwriter and he has just released his second album, “Nice, Nice, Very Nice”, with two sold out shows at the newly renovated Cultch.

Link to the PDF of RAIN’s spring interview with Dan.

Dan ManganDan Mangan at 2009 Folk Fest.

2009 Pride Parade

August 10, 2009

Amongst the glitter, glamour and gold, I sat throughout the crowd watching the fabulous floats at this year’s Pride Parade, which was once again outstanding, and (way too much) fun! Some of the highlights were the Vision Vancouver float – the first time an entire city council has been on a float together. The clever use of “city streets signs” replaced with words such as “PRIDE” and “SAY NO 2 H8”, made the Vision float one of my favourites. Cleve Jones was one of the Grand Marshals this year, which was really inspiring to see him in the flesh! Cleve Jones was a good friend of Harvey Milk, and has been a key player in keeping Milk’s memory alive, and continues to spread the message of liberation against oppression. It was so nice to see the whole city come together to celebrate being proud of loving whoever the hell you want! Educate, liberate, celebrate! –David Ng